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Interesting idea, thanks for entering this! I made a playthrough of it here - - got myself stuck a few times, but definitely very creative. Nice work!


A really innovative take on the roguelike theme - and while the game still feels more billiard than roguelike, y'all put a lot of creativity into fusing in the roguelike elements. I bet the physics and AI here were no small feat.

I am running the game in Wine on Mac, so this might not be a native bug, but the game crashed on me in Lava level when the 8-ball was just appearing:


Thanks for playing Eldar!

Yeah there's a bug that can occur when the 6 ball attempts to attack after being sunk. We'll address it and the update the post-jam version :)

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Can't open either version of the game.

Edit: Fully aware that without more information like the error message I get or system specs, this is pretty useless, will update it once I am back at my computer.


The game uses PyInstaller, which Windows Defender loathes, so it might be trying to stop it from running. There are instructions on the game page to whitelist it, so you can see if that helps. It's also possible other antivirus software could cause problems as well.

If that doesn't help, I'm not sure what the issue could be, although it's worth mentioning the game has only been tested on Windows 10 on relatively modern hardware.

See the screenshot that Eldar Bogdanov posted just above? That's the error I get every time I try to open either version of the game, just black screen and that error.

Using a FAIRLY new windows 10 laptop.

That's a generic error that could be caused by any number of things, although happening during loading makes me suspect it's occurring when loading the images and sounds.

First thought is to make sure you're running the EXE from the folder it's living in (e.g. by finding and double-clicking it) rather than from somewhere else (e.g. searching it in the start menu). Otherwise it might get confused on where to find the asset folders.

If that doesn't help, I can make another build with error logging tonight that could give us more info, if you're still up for trying to get it working!

I actually simply tried it on another computer, running it in exactly the same way, both windows 10, and it worked no issues, so it's gotta be something hardware specific I guess?

Strange. Glad you got it working though!


Fantastic concept, well executed :D

Unfortunately I hit a bug where my turn wouldn't start when I was inside the purple 4 ball's gravity well, stopping me from continuing :/


There definitely are some odd bugs, as tends to happen when you make a game in a week! Sometimes the game doesn't realize all the balls have stopped moving if one is getting pushed into a wall, especially by the 4 ball.

Theoretically, there is a ten-second breaker that starts the next turn if nothing has changed, so it's possible waiting a few seconds would have fixed it. And if not... jam games can be a little rough around the edges.

Thanks for playing!


I rarely play game jam games and this one is amazing. You guys hold something great. You really need to make a full fledged game out of this.

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks man, that means a lot!

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Really want to play this, but Windows will not budge with the post-jam version, even after trying whitelisting it. Jam version goes by just fine, but the other won't for some reason. The Itch app refuses to let it download too. :(

Hm, I just tested it again, and was able to extract and run it. You might have to whitelist the containing directory (for instance, your Downloads folder) before extracting it, otherwise Windows might try to delete the EXE before you can do anything.

If that doesn't work, you might want to make sure it's not being removed by any other antivirus software you have installed.