A downloadable armadillo simulator for Windows

A bullet hell where you start with no bullets.

The king seeks a worthy opponent. Fight your way through his trials to prove your worth to the kingdom.

Victory won’t be easy, of course. Due to a clerical error, all combatants except you were provided weapons. You’ll have to do your best with just your wit and armadillo-like reflexes.


  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Dodge roll. Roll through bullets to collect them.
  • Mouse: If you have bullets collected, aim at enemies and left click to shoot.

How to Run

  • Extract Ammodillo_LD45_ncp.zip
  • Run .Ammodillo.exe


This game and all assets were made from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 45, based on the theme "Start with Nothing."

I used the following tools:

  • Programming: Python, Pygame, Pyinstaller, Pyracy library
  • Art: Paint.NET
  • Music: Sibelius
  • SFX: SFXR and Audacity

No new features have been added to this build since the end of the Compo. I have made a couple small fixes where behavior wasn't consistent:

  • Fix bug where audio ducking doesn't reset between runs (10/6)
  • Fix bug where player doesn't heal a heart after wave 4, like they do for the other waves (10/6)
  • Swap order of waves 2 and 3 (10/6)
  • Add icon to executable (10/19)
  • Add personal logo as game loads (10/19)
  • Change pyinstaller settings for smaller executable size (10/19)


Ammodillo.zip 30 MB

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