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How many things can you fit in your pockets? It’s probably a rather large number. But not as large as Wallace, the super-secret super spy.

Unfortunately, Wallace has gotten himself in a bit of a bind. Help him break out of the enemy base by placing items in his big pockets and utilizing them later to aid his infiltration exploits.

Watch out, though — the more items you have, the worse it is — as you have to cycle through one item at a time to find the one you need.


Movement: WASD or arrow keys

Pick up item: P

Switch current item: O

Use current item: I

The Team

Jeremy Ryan: Art and Animation

Daniel Alhadeff: Programming and Unity Guru

Paul Nadan: Programming and Level Design

Mitchell Wong: Music


We were a bit rushed in making this game, so we didn’t quite reach the scope we originally envisioned. The fundamental mechanics are there, but it’s a bit glitchy and incomplete. We hope to fix some of these issues in a post-jam version!

All assets, including animation, music, and SFX, were made during the 72-hour Jam!

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Authorsplasmastarfish, superduperpacman42, chelwongaudio
TagsLudum Dare 40, Puzzle-Platformer
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