A downloadable voyage for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A turn-based pirate ship dueling game, made in Java in 48 hours for Global Game Jam 2019. Requires Java to run!

How to Play:

- Use the arrow keys to move. It's a ship, so you can't do a 180 degree turn!

- Fire your cannons at enemy ships to complete the level.  You can only fire a cannon if it has been loaded. 

- You can buy upgrades from the shop menu, although it's pretty broken. 

- If the game breaks and you end up seeing the map and a level at the same time, you won! We ran out of time to program that part. Enjoy!


Paul Nadan (@superduperpacman42): Code

Nate Sampo: Code, Interface

Daniel Alhadeff: "Code", Level Design

Nathaniel Tan: Art, Animation, Sound Effects

Jeremy Ryan (@plasmastarfish): Art, Animation, Music

Max Wei: Interface

Install instructions

Download the zipped folder and extract it. Run "Broadside.jar" to play!


BroadsideGG2019.zip 46 MB


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My short gameplay ;)

Thanks for the play! 

Sorry for the poor rules and UI explanation; we ran out of time to polish at the end of the jam. Great to see someone trying it out!