A downloadable movement for Windows

This game was made for the 48th Ludum Dare Compo, for the theme "Deeper and deeper." As you learn to play the piano, you move toward lower and lower notes and nurture deep relationships with those around you.

All music, art, sound effects, and game design was done within the 48 hour jam. I used some base code for things like particle effects and scene management. I used Musescore, Audacity, SFXR, and Paint.NET to generate assets, and programmed the game in Python, using PyGame.


Fade.zip 16 MB


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Al principio estuvo bueno el juego, pero me parecio horrible que sea despues un juego de 2 personas ya que no puedo avanzar en la historia.ñ

Hice el juego en 48 horas, y lo hice demasiado dificil. Si quiere verlo al fin, hice un video del juego.

Gracias para jugar y lo siento para mi español mal.

So lovely! A heartwarming tale of a tiny slug grandma and her progeny.

In all seriousness though: the story is heartwarming, the art is beautiful, and the music is amazing. Worth a play!

This is heartwarming, and I love the details :)


Thanks for playing!