A downloadable game for Windows

"The government uploaded my dog to the internet."


Play as an elite hacker in a computer world as you venture deeper into the heart of the interweb. Use drag-and-drop code blocks to design moves and outmaneuver enemies like bugs, firewalls, and bytes.


Arrow keys: Move/attack

E: Open the move editor

Z/X/C: Activate one of your custom moves.

Space: Pause for a turn and replenish energy


This game was made in 7 days for the 7-day roguelike 2019 challenge.


Code: @superduperpacman42

With some help from: @Zebulah and N4tticus


This game was made lovingly with Pygame/Pyinstaller. If you want to use or contribute to my Python graphics toolkit, check it out on Github.


HackAttack.zip 22 MB

Install instructions

Download and extract the ZIP file, then run game.exe.


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I've played a decent amount of this. It's pretty fun and definitely challenging once you hit a certain point.

 I'd recommend it.