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Slice through paper lanterns as you climb skyward. Make sure your cuts are balanced, as splitting a lantern exactly in half gives you more height. Travel as high as possible and compete for the high score!


IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCING GAME CRASHES I have a separate download that generates a crash log file. I'll update the main executable once the jam rating period is over!

One known bug is that typing F during the "enter name" prompt crashes the game. This is from a bit of leftover code I used for troubleshooting and forgot to remove. Woo, game jam code! The above alternate download also fixes this error.


The online scoreboard is now no longer up! Here are the final scores!


Made in 72 hours for the ScoreSpace Jam #8. All graphics, music, sound effects, and game development was done by me within the time of the jam. You can view this game's source code on my Github

This game used Python prototyping libraries I developed for past projects. These include: PySprocket, a tool for quick networking and Pyracy, a tool for particle effects and sprite management. It also uses PyGame, a third-party graphics library for Python.

I used Sibelius, Audacity, and SFXR for audio. You can listen to the soundtrack on my Soundcloud. I used Paint.NET for making graphics. I used a Ngrok tunnel and a Raspberry Pi for the high-score server (I'm not kidding).

Speaking of which, this game has an online high-score leaderboard. I'll be maintaining it for the two weeks following 4/6/20, but no guarantees after that. If something is awry, put a comment below and I'll try to fix it. The online scoreboard is no longer live as of 4/17/2020.

This game is dedicated to the great Mark Somerville, whom I owe a game. Hi Mark!

Fonts used: No Continue, Great Answer, Gothland

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withpygame
TagsArcade, High Score, infinite-runner
Average sessionA few minutes


Luminary.zip 29 MB


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Watch Jam Game Showcase 2019-04-12 from MrJoshuaMcLean on www.twitch.tv

All of your points are very valid, especially about the randomness and it feeling bad when you don't get a lantern in range.

Thanks for streaming, and maybe see you around for LD46!

No problem! And absolutely, I'll be doing a ton of Ludum Dare. :)