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You're the stage manager for a production of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet," but you've never actually read the play. Hand the actors whatever props seem appropriate at the time, and trust their ability to improvise when things go wrong.

This game has sixteen unique endings and over 7000 almost-coherent words. It is meant to be replayed and experimented with.

Art and writing: Airborne_Manatee
Code and additional art: plasmastarfish
Music and SFX: Rob Burnley

This game was made in Python, using PyGame. It's a submission to the Indie Game Devs Community Jam #1, for the theme "You aren't the main character."


Malaprop.zip 32 MB


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this game is one of the funniest games i've played in a while! great job lol i hope you keep updating this, even after the game jam!


Thanks for playing! We were troubleshooting right up until the submission time, so it looks like you one into one of likely a few remaining errors.

Glad you enjoyed it!

yeah! i understand that there was a deadline, so no hard feelings! the routes that were completed were good enough to make up for it!


Thanks for playing! Glad we could make you laugh!