A downloadable game

Fight to the beat of the music!

I made this game in the summer of 2017 for Ludum Dare 39: "Running Out of Power." As it's one of the better games I've made, I thought I would make it available on my Itch page.

To play:

- W: jump

- A: recharge health/weapon

- S: shield

- D: attack

It's rhythm-based, so listen to the music and pay attention to when the background changes color for when to move.


Install instructions

To install:

- Download the zip file

- Extract the files

- Run .LaserBattle.exe. Some antivirus software won't like it, and if you run into unusual problems, try renaming the executable to not start with a period (I only named it that way so it would appear first alphabetically and be easier to find).


LaserBattle.zip 26 MB


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(1 edit)

Can't play!! ( ºAº) When I run the executable, a window prompt appears:
"Fatal Error!" "Failed to execute script Game"
I renamed the executable so it doesn't begin with a period, but it still doesn't work. ( ._.)

Edit: The game seems to work on Python, do I need something else to run Python software?