A downloadable escape from daily life for Windows

This game is a submission to Ludum Dare 44, with the theme "Your Life is Currency." All assets and scripts (other than the fish logo) were made in 48 hours by one person.



THE GAME: Try to get as many stars as possible by throwing fireballs at orcs before they reach your fortress.

ARROW KEYS: Move left and right along the bridge

SPACE: Shoot a fireball. You can hold space for rapid fire.

ESCAPE: Something needs to fund your constant purchases in-game. Press escape to go to work at your minimum-wage office job.

Keep an eye out for story elements as you play. The game does have a story and an ending.

Hope you enjoy!

Install instructions

Download and extract MicroMage.zip, then run .MicroMage.exe. If something weird happens, try renaming the exe to remove the period at the beginning (it's there so it appears first alphabetically).


MicroMageV1.0.zip 34 MB


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