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Shoot, cast, and stab your way to victory --- but know that every dodge is a roll of the dice.

You play as a heavily armed six-sided die, fighting a very large bug (with opposable thumbs!). Each of your six sides has a different weapon and combat style, if you're lucky enough to land on it.

This game, including all graphics and audio assets, was made in 48 hours for the GMTK Game Jam 2022 for the theme "Roll of the Dice."


WASD: Move

Mouse: Aim/attack

Space: Dodge roll


Code: plasmastarfish (Itch.io) (Github)

Art: FungusBones (Itch.io) (Twitter)

Music/SFX: maggieev (Itch.io)

Additional Music: chaimelodies (Itch.io)

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file, then run SixShooter.exe.

This game was made with Python/PyGame and built as an executable with PyInstaller. Unfortunately, these tools are universally loathed by antivirus software.

If you have trouble with Windows Defender, you can add the folder to your antivirus's whitelist (it's okay, you can trust us).

  • Open Windows Security
  • Select the "Virus & threat protection" tab
  • Scroll down to Virus & threat protection settings and click "Manage settings"
  • Scroll down to Exclusions and click "Add or remove exclusions"
  • Click "Add an exclusion" and "Folder"
  • Select the folder you extracted


SixShooter.zip 22 MB

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